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Why is Gold Appealing to Smart Investors Amid COVID-19?

Gold, as an asset, has a negative correlation with other assets like real estate and stocks, etc. That''s why it performs better amid any economic uncertainty like COVID-19. It acts as a hedge against asset devaluation, inflation, and all the other economic risks in a risk-off period. And so, investors get inclined toward gold to protect their capital.

Gold Investment Amidst Economic Crisis

Gold prices and stock market stability tend to go opposite ways in most cases. If the stock market performs well, the gold value goes down, but during an economic recession, gold prices sky-rocket. For this reason, people often seek to diversify their options and safeguard their financial standings in anticipation of economic tumult by investing in gold.

Best Precious Metals for Investment

In this article, we have compared four precious metals, which we consider the best form of investment in the coming years. We have compared gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to see which one is the best choice for investment in precious metals. We have started with the worst metal to invest in and have finally mentioned the best option at the end of the article.

4. Palladium