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What Does Research Say About Investing in Gold?

Investors choose to invest in gold for a number of different reasons. It helps stay safe during an economic collapse, diversify an investment portfolio, and to enjoy greater profits. Even a little increase in gold value renders a lot of profit.

But what does research have to say about making a gold investment? Out of all the different reasons, research regards gold as the best hedge against currency decline resulting in a stock market crash. Thus, here comes the most valid reason to invest in gold.

Myths You Need to Know Before Investing in Gold and Silver

When it comes to investing in precious metals, gold and silver are the two topmost options. For centuries, gold and silver have been two solid investments that catch the interest of investors. There is no doubt in the fact that both gold and silver reap higher profits. But before you decide to invest in gold and silver, make sure you know about some myths we often hear.

Myths about gold

Keeping Retirement Savings Safe with 401(k)

It’s been more than a decade since the 2008 economic downturn occurred. Even though the market is a lot more stable, retirement savings are still at risk. Especially if you have invested in stocks within your 401(k) account.

To protect your retirement savings from the burden of economic collapse, you need to know a few things: