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Why Invest in Gold?

Unlike currency or other forms of investments, gold has maintained its value throughout the years. Gold can be seen as a way of passing on and preserving your wealth from generation to generation, and since ancient times, people have appreciated and valued its unique properties. Gold does not corrode and can be melted quickly under an ordinary flame, making it easy to transform. Gold is an integral part of a diversified portfolio since the price and value of gold is inversely related to the value of paper investments such as bonds or stocks.

Hedge against inflation

One of the best ways to hedge against inflation is to invest in gold as a precious metal. The price of gold has historically risen when the cost of living has increased. Over the past fifty years, most investors have noticed that gold prices have risen when the stock market has plunged during times of high inflation. Gold is also seen as a store of value, which is why it is encouraged as a form of investment, especially when the local currency is losing its value.

What to do With a 401K

Anyone planning to retire, may not have any clue of the financial situation they are about to get themselves into. Many people think that their savings are enough to get them through their retirement, but that is a myth that often gets busted once you begin life after retirement.

What to do Before Going into Retirement

What Does Research Say About Investing in Gold?

Investors choose to invest in gold for a number of different reasons. It helps stay safe during an economic collapse, diversify an investment portfolio, and to enjoy greater profits. Even a little increase in gold value renders a lot of profit.

But what does research have to say about making a gold investment? Out of all the different reasons, research regards gold as the best hedge against currency decline resulting in a stock market crash. Thus, here comes the most valid reason to invest in gold.