About Us

Gold Trust Precious Metals was created to help protect hard-earned consumer IRA and 401K investments and savings by providing safe-haven precious metal investment opportunities. Stocks, bonds, and funds all go up and down, and even the new cryptocurrency is much more volatile than all of those combined. While the market looks great today, all Americans should be worried of a stock market correction which could wipe out their retirement money. should be wary that a significant market event could wipe out their investments. Gold Trust is here with a mission of stability for your assets through secure and stable precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Investing your money isn’t an all or nothing situation. Spreading your investment in multiple assets across precious metals such as Gold and Silver, stocks, and other liquid funds will help create peace of mind with a well-balanced portfolio. And gold has been around since ancient times and is only getting stronger – in fact gold was mentioned 417 times and silver 320 times in the Bible!

Our company was founded by partners based in California and Texas. We have lived through recessions, dot-com bursts, Waco compound, September 11th, and of course the volatile stock markets that come with each new President. Admittedly we are most concerned today with the unfounded bull run given the complete unpredictability of our current Government activities in North Korea, China, the Middle East, and even our esteemed neighbors Mexico and Canada.

We speak from experience, so we created Gold Trust Precious Metals to help others benefit from what we do to protect the financial future of our families. Investing a portion of your 401K, IRA, 403b or other retirement asset in precious metals should be a decision you consider today.

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